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OPIOID Epidemic  has a Solution… and, it’s not prison!

Addiction, especially to Opioids, is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive recovery process; Lasting success happens when a person transforms everything about themselves, which simply can’t happen in a short-term environment. Most Addicts fail because they fake or “comply” their way through short-term treatment, never truly developing the skills to deal with life without drugs, and, quickly return to old behaviors

BEDS AVAILABLE NOW… No state waiting list!

Addicts in recovery know best how to help Addicts in addiction

“This isn’t the place where people go to get sober for the first time, this is where they come to get sober for their last time…  The spiritual alternative to clinical treatment”           (Dr. Miles/Director)

We don’t rush people through the program and ‘hope’ they get it… We stay with every peron until they do!

Justin’s Lighthouse teaches clients how to handle life in new ways through group counseling, spiritual development, individual counseling, daily structure, room to make mistakes, exercise, understanding anger, and healing old traumas. We include family members at appropriate times throughout the process to help educate and strengthen the entire family dynamic (not just the life of the addict).

We help recovering addicts develop to their full potential, from the inside-out. Getting sober is the easy part and just the beginning. We teach clients how to become productive contributors to life,  how to become comfortable in their own skin, and how to handle difficult situations without self-destructing.

Life skills are an essential part of staying sober. Most Addicts who return to their old lifestyle do so simply because they don’t know how else to live… We change all of that!

Families of Addicts tend to;

  • Make excuses for them
  • Over-rescue adult children
  • Get angry, then let them off the hook
  • Feel responsibile for the other person’s feelings
  • Feel anxious when “they” have a problem
  • Find yourself solving the other person’s problems
  • Find yourself saying YES when you mean NO
  • Feel victimized by your own family member
  • Stay so busy so you dont have to think about things
  • Pretend things aren’t as bad as they really are
  • Watch problems get worse
  • Believe the addict when they blame the rest of the word
  • Say you won’t tolerate anymore bad behavior, then allow it, just once more

Opioid addiction is killing off an entire generation of young people!

Did you know?

Much of the heroin today is being mixed with or outright replaced with another deadly drug called “fentanyl” (brought into our country by Chinese drug gangs)

Heroin addicts who think they know their “tolerance” level with heroin (or pills) end up overdosing because what they got a hold of wasn’t Heroin at all! It was 100% Fentanyl (or laced with it). Addicts are playing a deadly game of roulette and don’t begin to understand the consequences.  Our family has lived this scenario first-hand. Yours can get help before it’s too late!

Many of the pills that look like Lortab, OxyContin, and Oxycodone are also not what they appear. They can be laced with all sorts of other drugs, causing tremendous damage to the user. Opioid addiction is not about experiementing! Drug users have no idea what they’re actually getting, many of whom are over-dosing at an alarming rate!.. Don’t wait for the ‘war-on-drugs’ to solve this problem. The so-called war on drugs has proven itself to be an absolute joke, but YOU can solve this one by seeking help from professionals who truly know how to address the underlying issues that lead a person to get mixed up in this nightmare, in the first place.

Fire group

If addiction is effecting your family then you are already in the trenches of this battle

Most families dealing with an addict or alcoholic want to believe them when they say “I promise I’ll change”, or, “I’ll get it together tomorrow”. However, it doesn’t take long before they’re right back into alcohol or drugs. It feels like the person doesn’t care about the rest of the family. It feels like a slap in the face! After all, ‘if they really loved us they would stop!’

It doesn’t make much sense why an otherwise smart and successful person would throw away a life they’ve worked hard for, just for booze or drugs, does it?

Why previous attempts to get sober haven’t worked

The reason an alcoholic or addict can’t stop on their own, no matter how much will-power they may have in other areas of their life, is because addiction is not a will-power issue. Substance abuse is merely a symptom of deeper, unresolved emotional issues, a genuine disorder of the brain, and faulty thinking.

If the alcoholic/addict had the ability to solve thier own substance abuse issue they would’ve already done so, a long time ago. A person who uses drugs recreationally can stop at the first threat of losing a job, a spouse, a car, or something else they value. Yet, the addict/alcoholic can not stop. No matter what they are faced with losing they will not be able to stop on their own, until they accept professional help.

Addicts will not seek help as long as they have any options left

Boundaries are extremely important for families when trying to get the Addict to accept help. This is the first step of the family learning to  make the tough decisions (even though it won’t be the most comfortable).  Typically, family members have been trying to help the Addict feel better. The thought of the Addict experiencing any discomfort tends to drive all decisioon-making. This will not work, as it only enables the addict by keeping more options available. Families must trust professionals that know what they’re doing and how to overcome this nightmare! Don’t do anything until you talk to us.

If you’re having trouble getting your Addict to accept help, please remember that paying next month’s rent, or the electric bill, or gas money, or new shoes, will only make YOU feel more comfortable. In reality, you are simply making it possible for your Addict to continue using while you provide the resources to exist.

Only when the Addict runs out of options and is forced to face that their behavior has led to complete destruction of their life-style, will they consider accepting help. Don’t buy one more thing without professional guidance!

So many treatment options but few actually deliver long-term results

The majority of our residents have a history of failed clinical treatment experiences (5-15 previous treatments is not uncommon). The reason for this is simple; clinical programs do not spend the time, nor have the spiritual expertise or recovery knowledge to teach & guide a spiritually sick person to complete health. Clinical programs barely scratch the surface of superficial areas & then it’s time to leave…

Regardless of your “religious” beliefs, addiction leaves a person spiritually bankrupt and must be addressed with a spiritual perspective. We are extremely sensitive to each client’s beliefs and excel in assisting them on their own spiritual journey!

Addiction/Alcoholism is a problem that can be overcome!

We offer real solutions that are truly changing people’s lives. We accept clients from all across the United States and continue working with families throughout the entire process (video conferencing/live video groups)

Most of our residents have been to multiple treatment centers, with no success… We can help you STOP the insanity!

75% of American families are dealing with substance abuse and/or mental-illness

Symptoms of an addict (or alcoholic)                                                                                                   

After the rains at facility

  • Easily angered
  • High Anxiety most of the time
  • Can’t sit still, easily bored
  • Lying (when mouth is moving)
  • Manipulating
  • Disappears for days at a time
  • Defiance
  • Always a victim of injustice-can’t seem to catch a break
  • Demanding
  • Impulsive (low self-esteem)
  • Takes 3 hours to run a 15 minute errand
  • Blaming
  • Less available for family responsibilities
  • Isolating
  • Really intelligent but seems to waste it
  • Mood swings
  • Needs you to solve all of their problems
  • Has problems most people don’t have

Our typical resident has a history of;

  • Heroin/ Pain pills
  • Prescription pill abuse
  • Substance abuse
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Meth use
  • Defiant behaviors
  • Self-defeating behaviors
  • High intelligence, yet history of “blowing it”
  • Relationship problems
  • Depression
  • Mental-illness
  • Homeless/ Couch-hopping (Not allowed to live with parents anymore


My little brother was discharged from a clinical treatment program (age 29), after completing all of his assignments, workbooks, and therapy sessions. Then, he was dead 2 weeks later from a relapse of drugs (pain pills). He obviously wasn’t ready to discharge, but, 30 days was all the time he was allowed… At Justin’s Lighthouse we take an entirerly different approach!

Beacon of Hope

Dr. Miles/ Founder

J.L. was founded on faith-based principles, common sense, and lived-experience

We DO NOT discharge residents UNTIL they are truly ready to live a successful life in recovery. We don’t keep score of units, hours, allotments, quotas, or any other ridiculous thing that serves to stifle the process of recovery. You have my word on it!

“Certified” treatment programs are built around insurance companies & gov’t contract allocations. If a client doesn’t “get fixed” within the alloted number of clinical hours, then, too bad! How would an insurance company know how many “units” it takes to change a human being?

Fire-pit groups

Justin’s Lighthouse  uses a “whatever it takes” attitude to affect change in every single resident!

Families know very well the frustrations and heart-break that go along with watching a loved-one make attempt after attempt to get sober… The encouragement of seeing early success and then discouragement from watching the repeating cycle of back-sliding.

We want to believe them when they say; “I’ve got it handled this time!”, “I’m going to be okay!”, “I’m done with that life-style!”…. But, then it happens all over again!

Attempting personal change without help rarely succeeds. The reason for this is simple; Real recovery solutions can not come from the same thinking that originated the problem.

Albert Einstein said; “It’s not possible to solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it”

In other words, If a person could ‘fix” themselves without help they would’ve done it by now! the idea that “This time I’ll be able to do it by myself” is what we like to call DENIAL THINKING… I used to think just like that, too! Humans won’t hesitate to call a professional for plumbing problems – car problems – medical problems, and so on, but when it comes to life-problems we think we can deal with it on our own (even though the addict has had 10, 20, or 30 years to fix ourselves, without much long-term success).


Real change comes from outside sources;  New information and an appropriate amount of time to make necessary changes. If the person who is struggling had it within themselves to change themselves they would have already achieved it. Since denial is a major part of the sickness, it’s left to the family to breathe a sense of reality into this crisis. The addict believes that ‘if only…’ THEN, they will be alright. This cycle of self-seeking solutions continues until the person comes to recognize that their problem is not in the external things of life, but rather, within themselves..  In other words, problems do not arise from any particular situation, but instead, in the the way they think about their situation.

Justin’s Lighthouse long-term recovery program is developed to ensure lasting recovery by addressing far more than a typical 30 day or 90 day clinical program . Decades of dysfunctional living won’t be resolved in just 1 -3 months.

Our program is diverse, yet, simple. Our model closely follows a Therapeutic Community, wherein, all staff members are in recovery, themselves, and know exactly how real change occurs.

Since addiction or alcoholism are actually symptoms of much deeper and unresolved emotional and behavioral issues, a successful program must address the actual core issues the led to the dysfunction in the first place… Not the symptoms, but the real causes! 

The focus of our program is to facilitate a complete life-transformation. For each resident to change everything about the way they think; How they view the world,  how they view themselves, pass judgments, handle difficulties, develop realistic expectations, accept others as they are, address their sense of entitlement, recognizing the self-centeredness in their behavior, healing old hurts… all the while, addressing the core emotional problems that drive substance use and the dysfunctional life-style that follows.


Depression, anxiety, lying, low self-esteem, inappropriate anger, manipulating, inconsistent work history, relational conflicts, and so on…, combined with an inability to handle life’s difficulties (usually involving not getting what they want when they want it) leave the addict in a constant state of seeking external escapes. If an “addict” isn’t willing to learn how to recognize and resolve deeper emotional conflicts within themselves, all the shopping, drugs, anger, demands on family, clothes, cars, cool gadgets, or material things in the world won’t bring peace, better behavior, higher self-esteem, or healthier relationships.

The poor decision making of the addict/alcoholic is the result of a personal reliance on themselves to solve problems, as well as, “people-places- and things. If you’re familiar with A.A. then you’ve already heard that. What it means is this: The addict truly believes that their own peace, relief, or happiness is in the hands of someone else doing something for them, or manipulating a “perfect” situation, and ONLY THEN, can they be truly free!

This is why the family is on the other end of the endless complaints of how “this person did me wrong“, and “that person was supposed to do this thing for me“, or “Once this other situation comes through”.. blah, blah, blah! Give it a rest! This is simply the Addict’s way of completely avoiding personal responsibility for their own life. “it’s always somebody else’s fault”

Statistics show us that most addicts are in fact, extremely intelligent. This high I.Q., combined with past achievements and sporadic accomplishments leave an Addict thinking that eventually they will “figure things out”. This makes it tough for families who are pleading with their loved-one to accept professional help. As a family member, you may have even heard in the past; “I don’t need that much help… I just need your help with getting a new car, a new apartment, a new job, etc…THEN, I’ll be okay!”

Daily Oklahoman

Although the majority of our clients do have substance use issues (and even consider themselves to be an “addict” or “alcoholic”),  they don’t get better because we spend a lot of time talking about their favorite drug of choice or how stupid it is to get high or drunk.

90% of our clients get better

Because our program teaches them how to face up to their own irresponsible behaviors-how to make their words have meaning-how to develop a spiritual life-style- how to live a life of purpose and accountability-how to become self-sufficient and, generally be transformed into a new person with a new outlook on life.

Real Recovery Requires Real Transformation!

Laying a foundation of lasting recovery requires a support team that is knowledgeable and experienced in the specifics of what your family is going through with the skills to present solutions from a spiritual perspective.

quiet time

We teach clients to think for themselves based on their own values and goals. Learning how to live up to responsibilities, regardless of feelings, is absolute key in growing up. While in dysfunction, values and goals are the first things to fly out the window when something more exciting comes along. This is due to immaturity and must change if a person is to sustain lasting recovery.


We too are a family of addiction and recovery with the professional knowledge and skills to teach you and your family how to achieve success!

Lasting change happens holistically;





We help each resident embark on their own personal spiritual journey.


We believe, and research indicates, the lack of spirituality is the missing element within secular treatment programs that simply do not work. Conversely, many spiritual leaders are ill-equipped to handle the complexities and specifics of addiction, mental illness, and other emotional deficiencies.

JL has expertise in multiple areas, including; biblical counseling, behavioral disorders, drug & alcohol recovery, recovery support, mental-illness, socialization, inter-personal relationships and residential care, all combined to address the complete individual.

Helping to change the family dynamic is as important as helping the lone-addict. We know that the whole family has been affected by the behavior of one person, and the entire family needs appropriate opportunity to heal, as well.



Nobody wakes up one day and thinks…

“Hmmm, I think I’ll start using drugs this week”. Or, better yet, “I want to self destruct as quickly as possible”.

The choice to use drugs or self-sabotage is a result of not having the knowledge, proper coping skills, or emotional capacity to deal with the difficulties of life, in healthy, effective, and appropriate ways.

JL implements recovery solutions through common sense, professional expertise, and ‘lived’ experiences. Our entire staff is in recovery. Each member having overcome their own battle with addictions, mental-illness, and the family issues that arise from it. We know exactly how to help you and your family.

We’ve know first-hand, the fear, chaos, and dysfunction that families face when trying to save the life of a loved-one.

Our personal journey of recovery and professional credentials have enabled us to develop a recovery program for individuals and families that truly works!

FOR HELP TODAY, PLEASE CALL 405-248-2124, or email dr.milesklewis@gmail.com

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J.L. is not certified as a clinical substance abuse treatment center (nor do we want to be). We believe the Bible, not the State, presents a far more effective program for healing and living a life of fulfillment-joy- and contribution! Spiritual programs that address addiction and alcoholism were first formalized by Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) over 70 years ago. Since then, spiritual programs of all sorts are proven to be far more successful than clinical programs.

Those most successful spiritual programs are those who respect the personal beliefs of each individual. When used properly (not crammed down our resident’s throats) Spiritual principles lay the foundation for life-transformation that can heal drug & alcohol addictions, mental-illness, behavioral problems, and every other malady common among man.

The J.L. program’s success is built on the foundational philosophy that “in order to gain a new life apart from drugs & alcohol a person must be willing to change every area of their life and be willing to invest the appropriate amount of time to do so”.

Note: J.L. does support the role of medical science and makes referrals whenever the need arises. Many of our residents are under medical or psychiatric care when they arrive, which we will continue to facilitate. We seek to accommodate these relationships by providing transportation & communication with medical health care providers for the best & most complete outcomes for our residents.

We look forward to helping your family heal!

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