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Men's Program
  • Residential Programs……. Men & Women-Okc
  • Sober Living/Mentoring…  Men & Women-Okc
  • Women w/Children………   Women-Tulsa                   (men & women have separate facilities)

Real Recovery Requires Real Transformation!

We believe a lack of of spirituality is the missing link among secular programs today, and statistics prove this. Further, many spiritual leaders are ill equipped to handle the complexities of addiction, mental illness, and therefore, recovery.

Laying a foundation of lasting recovery requires a support team that is knowledgeable and experienced in the specifics of what your family is going through, with the skills to present solutions from a spiritual perspective.

outdoor groups when weather permits

outdoor groups

Justin’s Lighthouse is founded on the expertise in multiple areas, including; biblical counseling, behavioral disorders, addiction recovery, mental health issues, and long-term residential care.

We are a family of addiction and recovery with the ability to help teach you and your family how to achieve it!

Lasting change only happens holistically;





With a non-denominational approach, we help each resident embark on their own personal spiritual journey.

ADDICTION IS A SYMPTOM! we don’t treat the symptoms of addictions, but rather, the deeper internal issues that have led to such a dysfunctional life-style, in the first place.

Common behaviors of addicts/ mental illness

  1. Easily Angered/ Anxious
  2. Low self-esteemLecture
  3. Can’t sit still/ Bored easily
  4. Lying
  5. Manipulating
  6. Being secretive
  7. Impulsive
  8. Avoids Responsibility
  9. Isolates / would rather spend time alone, regularly
  10. Real intelligent but seems to waste it

Nobody wakes up one day and thinks…

“Hmmm, I think I’ll start using drugs this week”. Or, better yet, “I want to self destruct as quickly as possible”.

The choice to use drugs or self-sabotage is a result of not having the knowledge, proper coping skills, or emotional capacity to deal with the difficulties of life in healthy, effective, and appropriate ways.

Justin’s Lighthouse implements recovery solutions through common sense, professional expertise, and ‘lived’ experiences. Our entire staff is in recovery, each member having overcome their own battle with addictions, mental-illness, and the family issues that arise from it. We know exactly how to help you and your family.

We’ve know first-hand, the fear, chaos, and dysfunction that families face when trying to save the life of a loved-one.

Our personal journey of recovery and professional credentials have enabled us to develop a recovery program for individuals and families, that truly works!

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