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Unique Program Solves More Than Drug & Alcohol Problems

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main facilityThe Justin’s Lighthouse recovery program encompasses solutions for many problems, not just substance abuse or alcoholism. We help individuals and families dealing with any life issues that are preventing them from living a healthy, successful life-style.

The reason for such diversity in our program is simply because addiction or alcoholism are symptoms of much deeper and unresolved emotional and behavioral issues. 

We help people change what’s really broken, not just the parts that look good. If your car breaks down you don’t consider replacing the tires, do you? You know that, although it may need new tires there is a much deeper problem that must be addressed (under the hood) IF you want to be able to keep driving that vehicle.

I know it’s corny but we have to get ‘under the hood’ to locate, and feel, and heal the real problems!

The symptoms of addiction, depression, anxiety, lying, low self-esteem, inappropriate anger, manipulating, inconsistent work history, relational conflicts, and so on…, combined with an inability to handle life’s difficulties (usually involving not getting what they want when they want it) leave the addict in a constant state of seeking external escapes. If an “addict” isn’t willing to learn how to recognize and resolve deeper emotional conflicts within themselves, all the shopping, drugs, anger, demands, cars, or material things in the world, won’t bring peace, better behavior, higher self-esteem, or healthier relationships.

The poor decision making of the addict/alcoholic is the result of a personal reliance on themselves to solve problems. Statistics show us that most addicts are in fact, extremely intelligent. This high I.Q., past achievements, and sporadic accomplishments leave a person thinking that eventually they will “figure things out”. This makes it tough for families who are pleading with their loved-one to accept professional help. As a family member, you may have even heard in the past; “I don’t need that much help… I just need your help with getting a new car, a new apartment, a new job, etc…THEN, I’ll be okay!”

This of course, is the voice of denial. A high I.Q. is not  helpful when it comes to early recovery. This is why humility is such an essential element for recovery (and following the advice of the professionals)

One of the hardest things for me to hear during my own early recovery process was; “If you’re so smart then why is your life so messed up?” OUCH! I hated hearing that, but, it also saved my life! I needed to hear it over and over, again. It forced me to realize that there really was a whole new way of thinking and to view the world. (that’s me on the right, next to my older brother in the photo)Daily Oklahoman

Although the majority of our clients do have substance use issues (and even consider themselves to be an “addict” or “alcoholic”),  they don’t get better because we spend a lot of time talking about their favorite drug of choice or how stupid it is to get high or drunk (instead of going to work).

88% of our clients get better because are programs teach them how to face up to their own irresponsible behaviors, how to make their words have meaning, how to develop a spiritual life-style, how to live a life a purpose and accountability, how to become self-sufficient, and generally be transformed into a new person with a new outlook on life.

Real Recovery Requires Real Transformation!

Laying a foundation of lasting recovery requires a support team that is knowledgeable and experienced in the specifics of what your family is going through, with the skills to present solutions from a spiritual perspective.

outdoor groups when weather permits

outdoor groups

We teach clients to think for themselves, based on their own values and goals. Learning how to live up to responsibilities, regardless of feelings, is absolute key in growing up. While in dysfunction, values and goals are the first things to fly out the window if something more exciting comes along. This is due immaturity and must change if a person is to sustain change.


We too are a family of addiction and recovery with the professional knowledge and skills, along with the personal experience’s to help teach you and your family how to achieve success!

Lasting change only happens holistically;





With a non-denominational approach, we help each resident embark on their own personal spiritual journey.


We believe, and research indicates, the lack of spirituality is the missing element within secular treatment programs that simply do not work. Conversely, many spiritual leaders are ill-equipped to handle the complexities and specifics of addiction, mental illness, and other emotional deficiencies.

Justin’s Lighthouse is founded on expertise in multiple areas, including biblical counseling, behavioral disorders, drug & alcohol recovery, mental-illness issues, socialization, inter-personal relationships, residential care, all combined to address the complete individual.

The family dynamic is as important as treating the lone-addict. We know that the whole family has been affected by the behavior of one person, but the entire family needs appropriate opportunity to heal, as well.

Recognize these common behaviors of addicts/ mental illness?

  1. Easily Angered/ Anxious
  2. Low self-esteem
  3. Can’t sit still/ Easily boredLecture
  4. Lying
  5. Manipulating
  6. Being secretive
  7. Impulsive
  8. Avoids responsibility
  9. Isolates / would rather spend time alone, regularly
  10. Real intelligent but seems to waste it

Nobody wakes up one day and thinks…

“Hmmm, I think I’ll start using drugs this week”. Or, better yet, “I want to self destruct as quickly as possible”.

The choice to use drugs or self-sabotage is a result of not having the knowledge, proper coping skills, or emotional capacity to deal with the difficulties of life, in healthy, effective, and appropriate ways.

Justin’s Lighthouse implements recovery solutions through common sense, professional expertise, and ‘lived’ experiences. Our entire staff is in recovery. Each member having overcome their own battle with addictions, mental-illness, and the family issues that arise from it. We know exactly how to help you and your family.

We’ve know first-hand, the fear, chaos, and dysfunction that families face when trying to save the life of a loved-one.

Our personal journey of recovery and professional credentials have enabled us to develop a recovery program for individuals and families, that truly works!

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