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Justin’s Lighthouse Recovery

5 OPTIONS for families in crisis:

1. Men’s faith-based residential recovery program (long-term)

2. Women’s faith-based residential recovery program (long-term)

3. Empowerment Program for Women w/Children                                                                     (Certified clinical Out-patient services/odmhsas)

4. Empowerment Program for Women w/Children (may participate in faith-based housing)

5. Teens and Families for Out-Patient services



We address and heal the underlying issues behind each of these symptoms;

outdoor groups when weather permits

outdoor groups when weather permits

  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental-illness
  • PTSD
  • Anger
  • Poor Coping-Skills
  • Legal Issues
  • Homelessness

Clients become a part of a holistic approach, learning how to accept responsibility for their own actions and to heal the pain of the past.  Individuals look at their own traumas and self-defeating behaviors to stop blaming other people and other things.

Sobriety or abstinence (the primary goal of tradition programs) is a good start but it’s not enough if a person is to live free from the defective coping-skills, emotional traumas, low self-esteem, lying, anger, demanding attitudes, sense of entitlement, and family conflict. A complete transformation must be achieved in all areas of life!

Justin’s Lighthouse seeks to create an environment where clients feel safe as they learn to rebuild every area of their lives, to achieve the highest success for a new life.


Chapel at men’s facility

peaceful grounds for spiritual development

peaceful grounds for spiritual development