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Anxiety is crippling you

Anxiety of today would have been institutionalized 50 years ago.

A recent report from the American Psychiatric Association indicated that the level of Anxiety the average person of today is experiencing, is at such a high degree, and consistent, that 50 years ago the same person would’ve been considered for psychiatric inpatient care… The “Nut-house”

J.L. Property

Anxiety is crippling you, leads to…

  • addictions

  • alcoholism,

  • suicide



A mind obsessed with itself eventually destroys itself

From Mental Obsessions to Peace

Learn how to heal from anxiety

Learning how to change our perspective is the key to living free from this anxiety-craze. We have become much too self-absorbed, too focused on external things, and have lost touch with who we truly are.

Anxiety is rampant in Addiction

Our current struggles and frustrations with life’s situations, early recovery, or experiencing situations that seem too much to bare, are merely an obsession in our minds.

We are constantly analyzing ourselves; our thoughts & actions, – disappointments – regrets – what we think others are thinking about us & what others may have done because of us (to harm us or offend us).When the world is not exactly as we wish it to be, we literally become obsessed in our minds.

This is ANXIETY! It drives us to want to keep ourselves extremely busy with task after task to avoid feeling so anxious. This behavior only works as long as we can keep ourselves busy.

Eventually, we run out of things to touch, move, rearrange, clean-out, purchase, sell, paint, build, etc…

A mind that is obsessed with it-self eventually destroys itself!

As we dwell on some mental or emotional conflict in our life, small situations that cause us fear, or someone else’s life, we develop a mindset based on a diseased attitude. We become critical of ourselves and others.

Wanting to cause everything in our life to work out for our own selfish desires, we, in essence, become our own god… And, we make other people & things are own god, as well.

As long as everything in the world works out the way I want it to be, THEN, and only then will I be okay! Now, Imagine a life where this is not true.

A life when you will actually be able to handle the imperfections of life and others while STILL keeping your own sanity and anxiety under your control. Yes, this is possible! Healthy people live this way every single day!

Your job is to stop trying to figure out HOW to make the world run your way, but instead, LEARN new coping skills- understand the ‘why’ of your current anxieties.  

The ‘why’ in order to heal & change yourself, not to blame or change someone else! (you will need professional help but you can get there)

Our mental obsessions are centered in self…

What we want to happen for ourselves, and what we want to happen for others or from others;

“If I could make this situation work out the way I want it to, only then, can I be happy”.

We deceive ourselves into believing that we know what’s best for everyone and until everything works out to our satisfaction. By doing so, we delay our own joy & happiness.

The lie-self-deception

Is that we can’t be happy & joyous right now.

We won’t accept that trials & testing’s are a natural part of life and can be used by God to grow and mature us in Christ.

Contrary to popular teaching, GOD does not cause difficulties in our life so we can be refined. he may use them but he did not order them!

The act of Jesus was a once for all event. There is no further refining that is required (study God’s grace).

However, we do a very good job of causing our own difficulties, but God is faithful to bring us back onto His path.

IF, we are diligent and are willing to do work, God will not simply take away our anxieties, He will surround us with the people and experiences to teach us how NOT to live anxious life (Jesus said “peace and Joy come from the scripture”).


We don’t know peace because we don’t know God

When we are focused on self we tend to allow our feelings to dictate our behavior. As Christians, we are no longer to live by feelings but rather by God’s will (for starters, simple daily responsibilities will begin to move us in the right direction).

Obedience, based on the word of God, which is the will of God, should dictate our behavior, regardless of how we’re feeling and regardless of our situation…

Instead of playing God, we are to trust God. Trust that, at the moment of surrender, God will “cause all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, for us” (Rom 8:28)

Our contentment in all circumstances is dependent upon our obedient response to God in our thoughts, words, and actions (NOT, getting everything we want at every moment). We must move from the “Feelings” stage to the “Doing” stage of Willingness and Obedience, Without any regard for our own feelings, or other’s feelings.

Our own anxieties and mental obsessions are based on our regrets from the past and fears of the future.

We are to remove ourselves from the throne, surrender our circumstances to God and allow Him to work in our lives and exert His will, as God on the throne…

This moves us from being self centered to Christ centered.

Whenever we are anxious, un-easy, frustrated, restless, etc… we are saying “God, I don’t trust your plan for my life and I really don’t think you have complete control of my life- I think I better handle this one on my own”… and, that’s why we have no peace.

We are only trusting in ourselves, our circumstances, other people’s words or behavior.

Preoccupation with self is sin

When we take our focus off of ourselves in every daily situation, how we feel and what we want, and put it where it belongs – onto others, God will take over our situation, change our desires and begin to work through us to help others.

As a result, we become less obsessed with our own minds and more loving towards our neighbors.

Follow these principles if you want a peaceful and productive life!

We must first love God and ourselves, then our neighbors as ourselves. This only comes through genuine seeking of something much greater than we our or can even imagine… God the Father!


Dr. Miles K. Lewis


Justin’s Lighthouse Recovery