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Our younger brother died from an accidental drug overdose only 2 weeks  after graduating  a well-known (& expensive) 30 day residential clinical treatment program.

We couldn’t understand how this could be. The treatment facility sent him home saying he was graduated. How could he be dead after just 2 weeks of being home. Did they miss something? Did Justin miss something?

The sad truth is, addiction and other behavioral or mental disorders are very complex issues and cannot be treated effectively in 30 days, or 60 days, or even 90 days…It has taken a life-time to get this bad and will take a fair amount of time to get better.

It turns out, insurance companies will only pay for 30 days (or 28 days) of residential treatment. So, families end up with a whole lot of ‘fast-food’ style treatment (If only Addiction were a fast-food style disease). This dictates so much of the treatment models in this country, today.

Since my other brother and I have a long history of business and behavioral health education, we looked at this issue from the perspective of a consumer. When a customer buys a product from a retail store there is a reasonable expectation that you’re paying for something that works.  If it doesn’t meet your expectations you can rely on the merchant to make it right with you.

This isn’t so in the treatment business. If a person fails to grow, heal, and change (sufficient to remain sober), then most clinicians simply say “well, the individual has to want to stay sober”. All the responsibility is put on the client.

Well, of course the person wants to stay sober. Living a life of chaos is not a desire for anyone I’ve ever met!

Success certainly depends on the client to a degree, but since addiction and general dysfunction are such complex conditions, it also depends largely on the methods, passion, and perseverance of the professionals who are hired to solve these problems – not to simply offer some tips on staying sober, hand you a list of AA meetings in the area, and wish you “good luck”. (we are strong supporters of all 12 step programs, but until a genuine change takes place within a human being nothing different will happen)

So, it became our mission in life to develop a program focused on results.  Our clients are not paying for ‘maybe’, they’re paying for real results! families want their loved-one back. Wives want their husbands back, and so on… We have been ‘that’ family, and we know how to deliver in the most difficult cases.

After a year and a half of researching treatment programs around the country (and Oklahoma) we developed Justin’s Lighthouse! We haven’t re-invented the wheel (so to speak), but we have adopted the methods that actually work.

We have cut-out those methods which don’t work and added much common sense along with our own expertise & experience.

The result is a program that is effective at changing lives, every time, as long as the person completes the program.

We EXPECT success with each client & we never give up on anybody!

I invite you to call us today so we can begin discussing your options for getting help for your family member, or even yourself.

If you’re ready for change, we can help!

Miles K. Lewis, Justin’s brother

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