Providing the Support Families Need

Learn about the inspiration behind Justin's Lighthouse

Our rehab center was founded in the hope that we can save other families from tragedy. Justin's Lighthouse came about after our family suffered a great loss. Our younger brother died just two weeks after graduating from a 30-day addiction treatment program.

We believe that 30, 60 or even 90 days is not long enough to effect real change. Our brother's death was the driving force behind the development of our unique and effective recovery program.

Reach out to our rehab center today to learn more about our story.

Addiction affects the whole family

We know how difficult drug and alcohol addiction can be on families, because we have been that family. We also know how to help people turn their lives around. We have seen great success by:

Measuring actual behavioral changes

Allowing patients to take their time and slow down

Setting reasonable expectations

There is no short-term solution to addiction. Recovery takes effort, every single day. We'll be there on the road to recovery with you. Contact us now to speak with a staff member.