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Addiction affects the entire family. Everyone close to the addict can become extremely traumatized from the addiction process.

Expecting change to occur, believing the promises only to be disappointed again can be an exhausting and hopeless existence.

Families are included in our process of recovery, even before the addict is checked-in.

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Does anyone understand your situation?

Justin’s Lighthouse is a unique recovery program. The success of our client families is a very personal mission. With the loss of our younger brother from an accidental drug overdose, we set out to create a recovery program that would actually help to transform lives, not, just get people sober for 30 days. This program has been developed out of our own family pain, our behavioral health expertise, personal experiences, and the most important; A God-driven plan to help change our clients from the inside-out!

There is hope!

We understand the fear, chaos, and dysfunction that families deal with when trying to save the life of a loved one. Wanting to believe the promises of change only to be disappointed again… “I promise mom, this time I’m really done with all of it… Now, just help me get my car fixed so I can go back to work and then everything will be okay”.  Then it all comes crashing down about a month or two later.

… sound familiar?


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Getting to the root of the problem

Our program’s focus is on the real-life behaviors of addiction. The faulty thinking that drives one bad decision after another. We also help families to recognize their own co-dependency and how to overcome it.

In our own denial, my family always believed that if we just hung in there with my brother, give him lots of support and encouragement (a place to sleep, money to get his electricity turned back on, food money, pay his legal bills, etc… ) that eventually we could ‘love’ him back to health.

We were wrong…

Well, what really happened is that he died in his sleep after consuming a few pain pills and a very small amount of cocaine. Our ‘love’ plan didn’t work, and after 17 years of operating Justin’s Lighthouse we know without a single doubt that ‘love’ from others will have no bearing at all on the successful recovery of the addict. Until the addict learns to love them-self, absolutely nothing will change.  

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How recovery really happens?

30 day, 60 day, and even 90 day treatment program don’t have high success rates simply because it’s not enough time to take a person with a life-time of junk, clean ’em out & send ’em home in less than 90 days, and expect all to be okay. Things can look good for a while but then all the old behaviors begin to take over the person’s life.

Leading our clients on a journey of self-discovery, coming to love themselves is what we do best. It sounds simple enough but if that were true the addict would’ve already accomplished it. The fact is, changing from the inside-out requires a very specific plan of action, and then the time to work that plan…with a lot of correction along the way.

We know how to help because we’ve been there

Don’t make this mistake!

I’ve had many parents ask me; “so how long do you think it will take? We are wanting to take a ski trip next month and little Bobby has never missed a trip”….

Dear Parents, what I’ve just described is what the family’s sickness looks like. If your loved-one had cancer you would cancel all family plans and follow the Doctor’s instructions to the letter. Believe me when I tell you that you are dealing with a disease that is just as deadly as any form of cancer and it’s up to you to take it just as serious. If the family  takes recovery lightly, then the Addict will too. (I deal with this all the time, the families who get better are the ones who follow the advice of the professionals, period!)

We are ready to help your family and are exceptionally equipped to get lasting results.

We have no secret hidden knowledge, we simply apply the following to achieve lasting results;

  • Spiritual principles
  • Common sense
  • Decades of personal experience
  • Expertise in behavioral health
  • 20 yrs operating Justin’s Lighthouse

Everyone who completes this program gains a meaningful life, including sobriety! (but, you have to follow our advice from the moment you call us)

Most addicts fail multiple times before success

With God’s help, our personal journey has helped us to develop a recovery program that truly works. If you have participated in other programs but didn’t do so well, it won’t matter. We are completely different than traditional programs. Most clients love it here so much they want to stay on and work for us after they finish their program (which we allow sometimes).

Clients and families who desire a change for their life, and, are willing to complete the program will sustain lasting change.. The word ‘transformation’ is not  simply a buzz word for us, it’s a way of life.

That’s my promise!

Miles K. Lewis, PhD, C-PRSS, Founder/Director


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