Help Your Loved One Recover

Arrange for a family drug or alcohol intervention in Oklahoma City & Edmond, OK

As someone who has been there before, we know the ways in which addiction can affect the entire family. Justin's Lighthouse can assist with family drug interventions. We'll make sure everyone's feelings are heard and respected, and we'll help your family member make changes.

We can help families deal with:

  • Codependency
  • Dysfunction
  • The fallacy of trying to "love away" the addiction
  • Faulty reasoning
Set up a family drug intervention right away in Oklahoma City & Edmond, OK.

Be a lighthouse for your loved one

People rely on their families to guide them when they get lost. One way to do that is by holding an alcohol intervention. If your family member's drinking concerns you, we can help you discuss the problem in a productive way.

Families need to take recovery seriously. Too often, parents try to ignore the severity of addiction, scheduling vacations and ignoring instructions. Addiction is as deadly as any cancer. Families who stick to the goal of complete recovery and restoration are the ones who see lasting results.

Arrange for an alcohol intervention now in Oklahoma City & Edmond, OK.