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Mistakes people make after drug treatment centers

how to avoid mistakes and stay sober!

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Addicts and Families can make a lot of mistakes

Making mistakes in early recovery is expected but doesn't have to end with a relapse.

All addicts will make mistakes during early recovery.

Families will too... These fragile periods are actually incredible opportunities to practice the new coping skills that are being learned throughout the process.

Our program includes working with the families throughout the recovery process on a weekly basis (and as your schedule allows).

Mistakes Families make w/ their adult-children

How Addicts sabotage their own recovery

It's your thinking;

Lost job
Lost relationships
Lost dignity
Lost money
Lost esteem
Lost opportunities

Addiction is a disease of Loss - Recovery is a life of gain!


... every addict/alcoholic makes in early recovery

1. Over Committing:
It's not your job to say YES to everything. Do not take on more than you can handle. Be humble in your assessment of this.

Keep it simple. There will come a time when you will be able to handle more-more-more. Early recovery is not that time! Solidify what you have.

2. Hanging out with old pals
This should be obvious. You are in denial when you think; "Gee, I wonder how Joe-bob is doing? We were friends long before we started drinking together. I better check-in on him".

About 50% of all relapsing happens in this scenario. You must take care of you and stop thinking up ways to put yourself at risk!

3. Thinking you are cured
The ol' "I got this" mentality. Woo-Hoo! I'm good! I did all my step-work and I'm good-to-go!... No, you aren't.

Try this, just keep doing what you were doing that got you to a good point... Then, keep doing it over and over and over.

4. Unrealistic Expectations
Thinking way beyond your ability to live up. This plays out when the addict (or family) begins to think they need more, should do more, get more, etc...

As soon as they stop living in reality and begin to think their happiness is "just around the corner", they are in a dangerous place.

Nothing sets up resentments faster than having unrealistic expectations with the world.

5. Beginning a new romantic relationship
Early recovery is not the time to even thin about a new relationship, let alone, start one. Don't do this! Keep solidifying what you're already building-on.

Believe me, that relationship you think will make you whole will come at the right time, once you no longer require the opposite sex to make you whole.

6. Expecting everyone else to change
Look, just because you're serious about your recovery doesn't mean that anyone in your life is doing anything different.

Truth is; you don't need anybody to do anything different in order for you to be happy, healthy, and free. Do you Boo!

7. Thinking you can go-it-alone
You are improving because you became willing to let a few in, to help you (not rescue you). Why would you think NOW is a good time to shut people out so you can follow your own plans & schemes? This is actually 'classic-addict thinking'.

Change behavior long enough to get better. Then, stop doing the very things that got you to a good place, in the first place.

Think you got this? Then, quickly recall the last dozen times you thought the same thing? How did it work out?

8. Feeling ashamed to be struggling
Or, believing you should be 'farther along" by now. What would you base this idea on? You think you should be farther along simply because you wish you were?

What does 'farther along' mean, anyway? Well, it means that you believe that you should have more things by now and since you don't you'll feel sorry for yourself until you relapse. That will show everybody!

Do you see how silly this sounds? Just keep it simple and do exactly what you've been doing. Stop focusing on your feelings and stop believing lies. You are where you are supposed to be in this moment!

9. Expecting others to forgive and trust you
Thinking about the wrong things. It's great that you have grown as much as you have, but, the second you believe that it entitles you to other people's opinion of you, welcome to relapse-mode.

Look, everybody wants credit for their hard work towards recovery but your reward is in your own sobriety. you've been working to gain a new life, not other people's trust.

If you can't shake this one I would suggest you aren't as far along as you think you are. Get back to basics now!

10. Comparing yourself to others
This is just dangerous, and here's why; What you're actually comparing is something others have that you wish you had.

This is flawed thinking, because you don't take into account every single detail of the other person's life. You don't know every detail of another's life to make a legitimate comparison.

What's really happening is you believe you're the victim of some injustice because someone has something you want and you wish you could have it.

This also comes from a place of "entitlement" and you need to move out of that place real soon!

If you really something then earn it. Period! Move on fast before you relapse! (This is very dangerous territory)

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