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Lasting help for Substance abuse and Mental-illness 

Faith-based residential recovery program

Most drug and alcohol treatment programs are not allowed to include a strong spiritual component in their curriculum. Government and insurance companies prohibit anything more than a very generic discussion of God or spiritual matters. However, families of addiction, medical professionals, and even Alcoholics Anonymous recognize that addictions are a “spiritual malady”.

Justin’s Lighthouse is recognized as a faith-based, Therapeutic Community, which offers expertise in both, an in-depth-depth study of the science of addiction, which represents the problem, plus, the spiritual journey of self discovery, which represents the solution!


Why we are serious about helping families of addiction and alcoholism

Our younger brother died from an accidental drug overdose only 2 weeks  after graduating a well-known 30 day addiction treatment program.

Beacon of Hope

Our family is ready to help your family







Why we started Justin’s Lighthouse

We couldn’t understand how this could be-the drug and alcohol treatment facility sent him home saying he was graduated. How could he be dead after just 2 weeks of being home. Did they miss something? Did Justin miss something?

The sad truth is, addiction and other behavioral or mental disorders are very complex issues and cannot be treated effectively in 30 days, or, 60 days, or even 90, days…It has taken the adult-addict a life-time to get this bad ,and will take a fair amount of time to get better.

People who recover are those willing to invest in their own recovery. They’ve already been investing time into their addiction, so it’s not really a hard transition. Addicts/Alcoholics simply need help navigating the process of recovery.

For too  long, families end up with a lot of ‘fast-food’ style treatment (If only Addiction were a fast-food style disease), which make up for the majority of treatment programs in the U.S… But, there are real solutions with faith-based programs.


Why we had to be different – Truly effective

When developing Justin’s Lighthouse 18 years ago, our family thoroughly studied every available treatment model, from high-end celebrity style rehabs to homeless shelter programs, and everything in between.

We were shocked to discover that the overwhelming majority of treatment programs in the USA (over 15,000) are not actually designed to bring about a complete transformation for the recovering addict/alcoholic. Mostly because they are too short; 30, 60, 90 days is just enough time for the recovering patient to catch their breathe, let alone engage in a deep exploration of themself, and certainly not enough tie to practice and then solidify all the new behaviors and thinking processes that are REQUIRED if lasting change is going to occur.

Most treatment centers are, at best, cheer-leaders! These models are lucky if they can achieve 12% success.

There is one model of all the models we looked at that consistently maintains a 90% success rate, year after year, and has been performing at this rate since the 1960’s…

The long-term Therapeutic Community treatment model (TC), which allows each resident to grow at their pace while addressing every area of their life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Another major factor in the success of T.C’s is that every professional leading these programs have overcome their own battle with addictions and now have the professional credentials to make for a power combination to lead others through a lasting process of recovery.


T.C’s are also able to spend much more time with the whole family, helping them to heal, as well, learn more about addiction, and most importantly, how to handle recovery without enabling their addict/alcoholic.

Addiction and Alcoholism is addressed as the family issue that it is at Justin’s Lighthouse. Families get the same healing opportunities as the resident-client.



The average drug treatment model is designed to bring temporary relief

… not lasting change!

Achieving lasting-recovery depends largely on the methods, passion, and perseverance of the professionals who are hired to solve these problems.

Short-term programs can get you excited about recovery but they just don’t have the time or space to affect any real solid change.

Perhaps offer some tips on staying sober, hand you a list of AA meetings in the area, and, wish you “good luck”. (we are strong supporters of all 12 step programs, but until a genuine change takes place within a human being nothing different will happen)


Bringing about real change or we don’t want to be here!

So, it became our mission in life to develop a program focused on results.  Our clients are not paying for ‘maybe’, they’re paying for real results! families want their loved-one back. Wives want their husbands back, and so on…

We have been ‘that’ family, and we know how to deliver in the most difficult cases.


Combining addiction science and spirituality for a complete transformation

After a year and a half of researching treatment programs around the country, we developed Justin’s Lighthouse!

We haven’t re-invented the wheel, so to speak, but, we have adopted the methods that actually work, while cutting-out methods which don’t work, or, have so little significance to a real process of change.


Oklahoma drug & alcohol treatment program, residential treatment centers

Founders in recovery

Examples-  drug & alcohol treatment techniques 

little to no value (traditional-clinical)

  • Measuring success by workbook assignments
  • Forcing patients to attend every single group, even in the 1rst week, when they need rest
  • Step-work within a certain specified time-period (same for everyone)
  • Perfect compliance is expected (addict’s are great at this for short-periods)

A program dictated by insurance companies results in compliance & short-term success


Great value (Justin’s Lighthouse)

  • Measuring success by actual behavioral changes
  • Allowing patients to have space to rest, breathe, slow down
  • Step work or any other work at the patient’s pace
  • Reasonable expectations

A program that focuses on values leads to a recovery people can live with


Justin’s Lighthouse doesn’t serve robots.

We help real people, with real pain, and, really messed up ways of dealing with that pain.


We expect success with each client and their family!


Miles K. Lewis, Justin’s brother

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