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Why Justin’s Lighthouse?

Justin’s Lighthouse hasn’t re-invented treatment, we just do more of it!

(Facility grounds)

(Facility grounds)

We are not a medical drug treatment program, nor do we want to be. With the lowest rates of success among all treatment modalities, we choose to avoid medical or clinical treatment processes at all costs!


The most effective process for overcoming addiction (of all kinds), is for the person to re-build every area of their life to become a new person. There’s not enough time in clinical treatment to cover every area.

You see, substance abuse is a ‘symptom’. It is not THE problem. The use of drugs & alcohol is the RESULT of something else, and usually several ‘something else’s’. Therefore, if a person is going to find and maintain lasting recovery they must discover and heal the underlying causes that lead a person into substance abuse, in the first place. Here’s the kicker; If the addict had the ability to discover and heal these root causes on their own they would have already fixed themselves!

It’s certainly not necessary to remember or talk about every single experience. However, it is necessary to understand one’s self more intimately and therfore discover the faulty patterns of responding to life in self-destructive ways. In order to achieve this one must be willing to commit the time to receive new information, the space to apply this new information, all while


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Human Behavior – Trauma – Addiction – Spirituality – Relationships, and perhaps the most important, personal lasting recovery experience.                                                                        

It’s extremely difficult to find professionals in the field of substance abuse & mental illness who actually are in recovery, themselves. Counselors & Mentors who have lived first-hand the nightmare of addiction, loss, brokenness, and then redemption.

Justin’s Lighthouse was founded by just such a family, and only employs others who have demonstrated healthy recovery. Professional credentials are certainly important, but without personal recovery experience, most addicts feel they simply can’t relate to the professional (or vice-versa)… and we agree!

For our client’s who have need for psychiatry, a physician, or detox, we have many associate relationships with other professionals to help coordinate a complete continuum of care while at Justin’s Lighthouse.


We rely on God to achieve a completeness in the;

Residents spend time learning in a relaxed setting

(Residents spend time learning in a relaxed setting)

4 areas of Wholeness:

Emotional – Physical – Mental- Spiritual

Although most of our residents arrive with a history of substance abuse, we do not treat the symptoms of addictions. Rather, we address the core emotional issues involved with the person that have led them to come to rely on drugs, in the first place. When a person isn’t wholly developed in the 4 areas of life, their behaviors and emotions can seem like the most normal thing in the world… They grow accustomed to regular bouts of depression, or anger, feelings of shame, and so on…

Typical characteristics of a life under-developed:

  • Disappointments
  • Relational problems
  • Easily Angered/ frustrated
  • Feelings of not being ‘good enough’
  • Multiple romantic/promiscuous relationships
  • Drawn to abusive relationships
  • Lying / Manipulating
  • Isolating
  • Anxiety
  • Irresponsibility
  • Self-Centered
  • Sense of entitlement

Personal trauma and a lack of knowledge on how to live in a manner that is not self-defeating are the primary areas to work on at Justin’s Lighthouse. To overcome a long history of poor judgments, faulty thinking, bad relationships, and under-achievement.

When a person is whole on the inside they make better choices on the outside. Drugs, alcohol, abuse, & anger no longer become an option for the former addict.

The average traditional drug treatment center posts a less than 23% success rate. This is because they only have a short period of time to deal with the symptoms & triggers of a life-long problem. The core problems that led to the substance abuse get over-looked for the sake of graduating a person in the time frame set by insurance companies. (what do insurance companies know about recovery?)

Our faith-based program is entirely different, in that our 88% success rate comes from long-term rebuilding of each resident’s entire life. How they think, cope, and respond to life’s situations. How to develop & maintain accountability, personal responsibility, and perhaps the most important… Discovering their PURPOSE!

We help each resident embark on their own personal journey of spirituality & self-discovery. We DON’T force-feed the bible or God to anyone!

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