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The People Who Make it Work


Justin’s Lighthouse is led by a unique team of talented and loving Adults who have been through the trials of dysfunction and come out on the other side. Their personal experiences alone are enough to aid any family in crisis.

Executive Staff:

Dr. Miles K. Lewis – Director of Operations
Dr. Lewis is the principle developer of the Justin’s Lighthouse faith-based residential behavioral curriculum. He conducts and directs all Mentoring, Leadership, and Pastoral Counseling Programs. Father of 3, Dr. Lewis truly understands the difficulties that our young people are facing with our current Opioid Epidemic. As a recovering addict and older brother of Justin, he knows first-hand, the pain and anguish that families experience when trying to save the life of loved one who is running out of time because of drugs and alcohol.

Dr. Lewis is also in recovery (Opioids), having overcome a multi-year addiction to pain pills following an accident. His currently has 14 years of sobriety and has said many times, “I’ve learned way more about addicts from being one than I ever learned in school!”. He uses this intimate knowledge every day to teach, guide, and sometimes push newly sober addicts into a whole new way of living.

Most of our lectures, groups, and private counseling is conducted by Dr. Lewis. He has an open door policy for all past clients, as well, to encourage them on their spiritual journey.  He has created and operated many successful businesses, but none as rewarding as working with the clients of Justin’s Lighthouse for the past 13 years. His believes that his own difficult experiences have been used by God to prepare him for work with families who struggle with similar afflictions. He uses every interaction with the residents as an opportunity to teach how to love, heal, forgive, change, and learn how to be accountable for your actions!


Tina Marcotte-Lewis – Administrator/Admissions Officer

Tina makes everything work around here! She also is in recovery and has a vast knowledge of how to get this recovery process started. Families or Parents who call us are always grateful for how much time Tina is willing to spend with them on them phone. Tina remembers her own early recovery experience of searching for rehabs and being treated poorly over the phone (like the rehab is doing you a favor by answering the phone). Tina has vowed to treat all families with great respect and care, and, her attitude has become one of our best assets! Tina views her role as an ambassador for recovery, and will do everything in her power to make sure those people who truly want recovery can find it!

Tina also handles all of our administrative duties, maintains contact with the families of our residents, and oversees the general day-to-day operations. She is also credentialed in recovery support and counsels with the residents, plans field trips, and generally keeps us going!

Various Recovery Support Staff: Recovery Support Specialists (RSS)/ Case Managers (CM)

Out-patient partnerships with various; Medical health professionals (M.D.’s) and Mental health professionals (Psychiatrists), Detox centers

Any role with don’t cover within the walls of Justin’s Lighthouse we have a partnership with a those professioonals in the communicty. This allows us to offer a full service program to address every single need our residents may need.

A funny story, but not uncommon: Like many addicts who enter a residential program, organization is not a strong suit. We have seen many potential residents come close to missing their opportunity to check-in at Justin’s Lighthouse simply because they didn’t know how, or, didn’t have the resources to move out of their apartment (before they got locked out by the landlord). One day, during an office meeting, Tina posed the question; “what can we do to help those clients who are about to lose all their stuff? It would be nice to leave here and at least have some furniture to start over again”. After a few seconds, Dr. Lewis spoke up and said ; “looks like we’re in the moving business, too! Whatever it takes to help ’em get here then let’s do it!”

Most recently, we helped a young lady & mother of 2 boys, move her entire apartment into a storage unit so she could focus on her recovery. The young lady had family members who were willing to keep the boys until she completes her recovery program.

Also, this young lady’s apartment was 40 miles from our facility. We’ve even helped people move from other cities and states.

There’s nothing our staff won’t do if it means getting you the help you REALLY need!

We’ll help you make it work, whatever is necessary, that’s what we’ll do!

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