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What Clients Learn

Every client receives specific attention to his/her unique issues and taught how to overcome them through a series of group and private counseling. Each day is centered around a consistent routine of structure, along with simple responsibilities that build self-esteem as the person begins to grow.

The use of the word “issues”, refers to the fundamental breakdown within a person that prevents them from living a healthy & productive lifestyle. Typically, a person’s “issues” include; Trauma, personal disappointments, anger that hasn’t been dealt with, faulty thinking, limited world-view, low self-esteem, and a general inability to handle normal life functions without the need to use substances, run away, throw tantrums, blame others, and self destruct.

The use of drugs, alcohol, anger, and other dysfunctional behaviors are merely symptoms of a much deeper inability to deal with life properly. We DO NOT clinically treat the symptoms of addiction. There are much deeper issues within a person that drives addictions. We address core emotional and behavioral problems to bring about a complete healing.

Addicts experience the same life-problems as non-addicts, so why does one group resort to drugs & alcohol to avoid and escape but the other group doesn’t?

Obviously, there are many reasons for this, but the primary reason is that addicts/alcoholics simply never developed the ability to handle life in proper ways. Yes, we do believe in the genetic factor as a contributing element of addiction, however, in order to solve the problem of addiction and maintain a long life of productivity, happiness, and of course sobriety, a person must learn to recognize the sickness within themselves.

Then, with the right direction, information, and cooperation, a person can begin to develop maturity, a new sense of self (that involves thinking of others), breaking away from the sense of entitlement that has kept them stuck in an endless cycle of throwing tantrums when they don’t get what they want.


Justin’s Lighthouse is that catalyst for a true life-transforming experience. Within a peaceful and safe environment, all residents learn to…

  • Make their words have meaning
  • Choose something good for myself when I used to choose bad
  • Set Goals/Priorities                                                                      
  • Have Gratitude, Not expectations
  • Let go of old hurts
  • Handle Anger without tearing others down
  • Understand consequences between Good Choices/Bad Choices
  • Forgive (self & others)
  • Recognize the self centeredness in bad behavior
  • Build Positive Relationships
  • Be a Leader
  • Develop Life-Skills
  • To do the next right thingSession w Director
  • Respect self & others
  • Practice compassion
  • Maintain Self Control
  • Have Courage
  • Develop Spirituality, and what exactly that means to them
  • Recognize that boredom is all their head
  • Know that Relapse is not an accident
  • Identify the Causes of Fear that drive so many bad choices
  • Be Accountable
  • Handle ‘down’ time productively
  • Manage time better                                                                                                                           Sydney & Destiny 2 yrs Sober!
  • … and, a whole lot more!


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