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What Parents Say

Justin’s Lighthouse Recovery Program

Many families have written letters over the years. Here’s a few quotes from actual letters we have received;

6 yrs Sober!


  1. “Thank you for giving me my son back”   (Karen, Edmond, Ok.)
  2. “This whole time I thought my son was an addict. Once he got his self esteem back he lost his desire to party”  (Deborah, Okc, Ok)
  3. “My son’s behavior has changed so much in a short period of time”   (Susan, Okc, Ok.)
  4. “Our neighbors told us we would have to mortgage our house to get the right help, then we found you!”  (Janice & Jules, Okc, Ok)
  5. “I never thought he would actually stay sober once he got home”  (Jenny, Warr Acres)   

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  6. “Drugs had taken over his life and our house. Thank you so much for your work”   (Albert, Tulsa, Ok.)
  7. “Marcus loves playing sports again and the other players respect him”  (Keri, Okc, Ok.)
  8. “I’m so impressed with your ability to break through to my son” (Darrin, Guthrie, Ok.)
  9. “We had no idea a Minister could  also be a recovery expert. Wow, what a combination!”  (Marvin & Diane, Ardmore, Ok.)
  10. “We spent over $50,000 for 3 months of medical drug and alcohol facilities. Your program has saved our family for thousands less!”  (Bob & Irene, Edmond, Ok)
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