5 mistakes families make when trying to help an addict

... even though you think you're helping

  1. Say 'Yes' when you mean 'No'
  2. Keep hoping things will get better
  3. Pay all their bills "one last time"
  4. Support them in their excuses
  5. Rescue them, time and time again

Hearing the word 'No' is like a cross to a vampire

This mini drama of saying 'YES' when you mean 'NO', simply to avoid a melt-down and keep a little peace in the house is the very behavior (on both sides) that will keep the situation getting worse.

By doing so, the family unwittingly takes away all responsibility from the addict/alcoholic to have to change anything.

It's only a matter of time before the addict/alcoholic does what their brain is programmed to do

... Drink, use drugs, self-destruct!

The cycle of 'doing good' followed by 'doing bad' leaves family members and the addict/alcoholic confused. Life goes well for a while but always seems to cycle back into destructive behaviors.

No amount of 'propping-up-the-addict' with external comforts will make any difference. You can't buy a cancer patient a new car to cure them and you can't 'cure' the addict by solving their financial problems.

Unfortunately, traditional treatment models are not designed for lasting change. They are built to give the patient short-term relief without solidifying any lasting change.

Overcoming a life-long pattern of self-defeating behaviors can not be reversed with 30 days, or less, of traditional treatment.

Justin's Lighthouse focuses on rebuilding all areas of life, not simply the symptoms of drinking or using.
If the addict knew how to fix themselves they would've already done it! If traditional programs knew-how they would've already done it...

Time for a different approach! Justin's Lighthouse has a long history of succeeding where traditional treatments fail.

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Families have their own issues

Addiction affects the entire family

Yes, family members are also dealing with their own issues, including; resentments, fears, suspicions, anger, and more. Family members are good at putting their own hurts or needs on the back-burner to focus on the chaos of the addict/alcoholic... but what about your pain?

At Justin's lighthouse we include the whole family throughout the entire process of recovery. Not just a "family day" but every week we work with families apart from the addict/alcoholic. We want everybody to heal!

We achieve results by:

Applying spiritual principles

Using common sense

Relying on decades of personal experience

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Recovery Is Within Reach

Turn to Justin's Lighthouse for drug and alcohol treatment

What makes Justin's Lighthouse right for you?

Our different lengths-of-stay, curriculum, and, peaceful environment make it possible for anyone who wants recovery they will find it here!

We offer programs for all budgets and make it possible for you to stay connected, even after your discharge. 

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  • Family drug intervention
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  • Many of our clients continue working during their treatment, while others are able to immerse themselves, completely, in what becomes a life-changing journey.